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Bighaat Bighaat





Seabor is a boron fish amino acid powder which supports the maintenance, growth, vitality and reproduction of plants. The product gives plants more energy and more resistance, for improved plant and produce colour, larger leaves, longer roots, more flowers, more and/or larger fruit and a generally healthier crop.


• Improves fruit set and quality
• Helps with pollination, and fruit and seed development
• Translocation of sugars and carbohydrates, nitrogen metabolism, formation of  certain proteins
• Regulation of hormone levels and transportation of potassium to stomata




Seacal is calcium fish amino acid powder shares the energy benefits of amino acids which also includes calcium that is delivered quickly to correct calcium deficiencies fast. The amino acids in Seacal supports plant maintenance, growth, vitality and reproduction and give the plants more energy while also building resistance.


• Maintains the structure of primary cell walls
• Increases Photosynthesis
• Increases growth of root hair
• Increases the production of phyto hormones required for the plants
• Prevents the risk of bitter pit and fruit cracking in pome fruits, blossom-end rot in  tomatoes and solanaceous crops like potatoes and tobacco




Amino Emerald comes packed with 80% of protein in addition to concentrated nutrients and minerals essential for your plants. Proteins, the building blocks of life are made of amino acid molecules. Amino Emerald provides your plants with quality amino acid obtained from quality fish, ideal for sustainable agriculture.


• Rich with burn-free Nitrogen; essential for growth of plants/crops.
• Contains other macro nutrients such as phosphorous and potassium equally essential for healthy plants.
• Increases chlorophyll concentration and leads to higher degree of photosynthesis.
• Improves quality of yield/fruit/vegetable.
• Boosts flowering, Better yield and greater profit.

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