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टी. स्टेन्स गोल (व्हाइटफ्लाई ट्रैप और ल्यूर)

T. Stanes

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Bighaat Bighaat

Stanes GOAL trap with a lure is designed specifically for effective trapping of whiteflies.


GOAL can control whitefly infestations in a wide range of crops. It controls the next generation by preventing adult reproduction into new ones. It is ecofriendly and residue-free. No harm to beneficial and pollinator insects. It can be used in the IPM program.

The shelf life of lure:

Unopened lure sachet for 18 months

The exposed lure for 20-30 days.

Mode of Action:

The yellow sticky trap can attract whiteflies significantly more since it has a lure which is specifically for adult whitefly control.

Crops Recommended:

Tomato, Egg plant, Bhendi, Chilli, Pepper, Tobacco, Cotton, Cardamom, sweet  Potato, citrus, and other economically important pulses, vegetable and ornamental crops.

Method of Use:

Use 12 traps / acre (at 340 square meter distance) for moderate infestations (or)

15 traps / acre (at 270 square meter distance) for heavy infestations to reduce whitefly population below the Economic threshold level (ETL).

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