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उज्जवल कद्दू- यू एस 234 F1 हाइब्रिड बीज

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FRUIT WEIGHT : 6 to 8 kg.

PRODUCTION : 20 - 25 Tonne / Acre Approx.

MATURITY : 80 - 90 Days after Sowing / transplantation.

QUANTITY: Generally, about 1 - 1.5 Kg of pumpkin seeds is sufficient enough for farming on 1 Acre land to earn huge production.

GERMINATION : 80 - 90 %.

This hybrid has long fruit and color is green to brownish, maturity is 80-115 day's average fruit weight 8-10 kg. Medium Maturity of 80-115 days. Fruit Colour is dark green with white dots. The fruit shape is round to flattish round. Heavy yielding Variety with Good fruit setting. Fruit weight is approx. 6-8 kgs. Good shipping quality and standing ability.

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