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अमरुथ पोमिग्रेनेट (अनार) ग्रो

अमरुथ पोमिग्रेनेट (अनार) ग्रो

Amruth Organic Fertilizers

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AMRUTH PFC is an exclusive formulated liquid bio-fertilizer consisting of nutrients and proteins required for plant growth promoting microorganisms for Nitrogen Fixation, Phosphate Solubilization, Potash and Zinc Mobilization.


  • Pomegranate plant needs nitrogen supply to the plant, AMRUTH PFC

formulation is supplemented with an additional Azotobacter sp &

Azospirillum sp strains to fix the atmospheric nitrogen.

  • AMRUTH PFC consists of microorganisms which acts as bio-stimulants,

it increases the juicy content of the fruit.

  • AMRUTH PFC provides essential nutrients into available forms &

decreases the hardness of soil by increasing porosity & water holding


  • Due to all the above mentioned beneficial factors the crop yield

will increase by 10-20%.

Method of Application

  • Soil treatment:- Apply 5 liters of AMRUTH PFC for 1 acre through drip

with repeated application twice in a year.

  • Mix 5 liters of AMRUTH PFC in 200 liters of Jeevamrutha and leave up to four days, with regular stirring then apply 500 ml prepared consortia to each plant.

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