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Atkotiya Agro

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Bighaat Bighaat

Composition :
Seaweed Extract Based Granules

  • Jeevant-G contains a seaweed extract based combination of Amino acids,
  • Vitamins, Phyto Nutrient, Proteins, Carbohydrate & Organic chelates of
  • trace element derived from the fermentation of organic matter.
  • Jeevant-G stimulates rapid cell division leading to vigorous plant growth, more
  • fowering, improved colour, increase in yield and quality of crop.
  • It helps to boost up energy metabolism in the plant.
  • High moisture content.
  • It has a high percentage of biological value & nutritive value.
  • It is organic, non toxic & an ecofriendly product fulfills the nutritional demand of the plants.
  • It is a ready made & easily assumable organic source of nutrition.
  • It helps in pollination, flowering, fruit formation & fruit quality.
  • It contains most of essential as well as essential amino acids & mineral ions to form a complex which allows the effective, easier absorption & active utilization by the plants.

Recommendations : cotton, chili, tomato, Vegetables, Oilseeds, sugarcane, banana,
cereals, horticulture (fruits), plantation and ornamental plants on the age & type of the

Dosage : 5 to 10 kg per Acre. (Only Soil Application)

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