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थाइलाकॉइड ह्यूमिटोई (विकास प्रमोटर)

थाइलाकॉइड ह्यूमिटोई (विकास प्रमोटर)

Thylakoid Biotech

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Bighaat Bighaat

HumiTOI is Humic + Micro nutrients

  • Humic & Fulvic acid – 15% v/v
  • Protein hydrolysate – 85% v/v
  • Used for making change in physical soil texture, helps in oxidation of soil texture ultimately which helps in increase roots quality.
  • It help in dissolution of non dissolved sulfur and provides it to the crops.
  • It helps in increasing the speed of food grasping through leaves and roots.
  • Application Dosage 200 – 250 ml/ acre
  • Repeat every 12 – 15 days interval
  • It is recommended for vegetables, fruits, wheat, maize, paddy, cotton ,cereals, horticulture crop and all other crops.

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