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डॉ. सुइबायो जैविक जंगली सूअर विकर्षक


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Bighaat Bighaat

    • DR WILD BOAR REPELLENT is dark brown granular form organic product with odour of castor.
    • DR WILD BOAR REPELLENT granules is to be applied along the bunds, borders etc. In case of plantation apply to the shoot at the rate of 50 gm per vine/ tree/ plant etc, application at said doses will protect for 2-3 months. Wild boar liquid in the pouch should be mixed with 250 gm of vegetable/ tubers / food grains and to be placed in the boar track / movement zones. Wild boar once applied will be effective for 2-3 months.

    Dr Wild Boar repellant granules is to be distributed evenly along the border of the field/ infested location at the rate of 3 kg/acre.

    Re-application is required after 4 months of application.

    • Store the product at room temperature.
    • Dispose the pouches as per local regulations.
    • Always use gloves and goggles while applying.

    Dr Wild Boar repellant is safe to dogs/ cats & other pet animals.

    Caution :

    Keep away from children, food stuffs, animal feeds etc. Keep in cool place.

    • Wild plant extract :10%
    • Organic additives :30%
    • Acid insoluble silica :60%

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