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मानसून तरबूज जेम्स F1 हाइब्रिड बीज

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Bighaat Bighaat


HEIGHT: Generally ranges from 60-120cm (23-48in).

WIDTH: The width of the leaves is around 5-10cm (2-4in) wide.

QUANTITY: On Average, we require 160 g to 200 g Brinjal seed to cultivate 1 acre.

GERMINATION : 80 - 90%.

PRODUCTION: The Farmer can yield up to 100 quintals of Brinjal from 4 to 5 pickings in 1 acre Brinjal cultivation during Kharif or rainy season.

MATURITY: 80 - 90 Days after Sowing/transplantation.

Ujjwal seeds provide oval round shape fruit, green with white stripes, maturity 80 to 90 days, It is cluster bearing and high yielding hybrid variety.

Showing session - All sessions showing.

SUNLIGHT: Brinjal plants require full sunlight in winter & partial sunlight in summer. Therefore, place your raised beds & potted plants according to the season.

WATERING: Water your potted Brinjal plant every day in summer & every other day in winter. Water at the soil near the plant. Use a watering can and make sure that the plants get water in the form of a shower & not by a single flow. You can also make provision for watering by drip irrigation system for your raised beds. Avoid overwatering.

MATURING: Add good quality organic manure in the soil with a 2:1 ratio before transplanting the seedling. Organic fertilizer can be well rotten cow dung manure, farmyard manure, compost, or vermicompost.

PLANT CARE: Always look for the early signs of any insect/fungal/ any other infections. Spray appropriate medicines as soon as any symptoms of such diseases are spotted. Read about types of insect pests in your garden.

SUPPORT: Support your Brinjal plant by tying its main stem to a single erect stick buried in the soil near the plant. With this support, your plant will stay upright.

PINCHING/TOPPING: Pinch out the apical (top) growing point of the Brinjal plant when it's two months old to encourage new and uniform side growth. This will increase the brinjal production. Also, pinch off any diseased leaves & branches immediately.

HARVESTING: Brinjal plant will start flowering at the end of 3rd month. Brinjals can be harvested 70 to 80 days from the sowing of seeds. If proper care is taken, the Brinjal plant will continue to grow & produce veggies for three years.

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