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बिगहाट ब्रांड I तापस किसान सुरक्षा किट


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Bighaat Bighaat

BigHaat always puts Farmers’ well being and Safety first.

And in this endeavor, BigHaat has launched ‘Tapas’, which provides Premium Quality Products at affordable Prices.

Here’s launching Tapas Farmer Safety Kit, an affordable way to ensure safety for the Farmers.


What do you get in this kit?


Apron 36” size in Yellow Color (1 nos)

A High quality reusable Apron with Tapas Branding.


Gloves in Yellow Colour - Standard Size (1 pair)

High quality reusable Gloves  with Tapas Branding.


Clear Glasses (1 nos.)

To Protect your eyes from harmful chemicals while spraying in the field.


Mask with ISI Mark in Yellow Colour (2 nos.)

To ensure that you are not breathing harmful fumes of the Chemicals when spraying in the field.


Sling Bag 1 nos.

To Help carry all the accessories, conveniently to the field.

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