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4 kg

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Specifications :

“AVESTA” is next generation HYT (High Yield Technology) based

  • AMF (Arbuscular Mycorrhizae Fungus)
  • Symbiotically associated with plants
  • Improves the supply of water and nutrients.

      such as phosphates and nitrogen, to the host plant.

  “AVESTA” contains spores of 90% selected and virulent species of Endomycorrhiza and fragments of fungal filaments in granular formulation.

 “AVESTA” is a unique mycorrhizal formulation for early, uniform, and healthy growth of crops through efficient nutrient uptake and abiotic stress management.

 ‘AVESTA”: Fungal cell in the formulation maintained high through Agrinos HYT proprietary technology with 100% infective propagules per gram of the products.

 “AVESTA” Soil fungi gets associated with plant roots for mutual benefit (absorptive organ of plant and hyphae of fungi. Fungi gets carbon from plant and in turn offers enhanced uptake of N, P, and water for the plants.)

 “AVESTA” colonises plant roots which also forks through the soil. The combination of root and fungus is called “Mycorrhizae”.

 “AVESTA” enables a development of internet network in soil and improves soil quality.

 “AVESTA” is IMO certified for the use of Organic cultivation.

Caution – Ensure efficient moisture in soil during time of application.   Avoid mixing of any fungicide along with “AVESTA”.

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