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अमरुथ AMC (अमरुथ अखरोट माइक्रोबियल कंसोर्टिया)

Amruth Organic

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AMRUTH AMC consists of plant growth promoting microorganisms for

Nitrogen Fixation, Phosphate Solubilization, Potash and Zinc Mobilization.


  • Amruth AMC provides all the nutrients required for Arecanut palms in

balanced proportion.

  • Amruth AMC reduces splitting and dropping of nuts, increases yield and

imparts tolerance against disease.

  • Amruth AMC improves soil microbial activity, water holding capacity and

decreases hardness of soil.

  • Due to all the above mentioned beneficial factors the crop yield will increase

by 10-20%.

Method of Application

  • Soil treatment:- Mix 5 liters of AMRUTH AMC for 1 acre through drip /

venture with repeated application twice a year.

  • Mix 5 liters AMRUTH AMC with 300-400 kg of AMRUTH GOLD / FYM

and apply 2-3 kg/plant.

  • Mix 5 liters of AMRUTH AFC in 200 liters of Jeevamrutha and leave up to

four days, with regular stirring then apply 500 ml prepared consortia to each


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