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अग्नि सोलर मिनी लाइट

Agni Solar Systems

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Bighaat Bighaat

  • Compact, durable and easily portable – the Solar Mini-light 1 has 2 brightness modes and comes with an in-built Solar panel which charges the mini-light directly with the Sun.
  • It is the perfect travel companion as it is light-weight yet powerful and convenient to have at hand for various applications.
  • Solar panel : 0.3 W/5V Mono Crystalline 
  • Battery : 3.2V 400mAh Life PO4 Battery 
  • Light Source : 0.5W Bright LED 
  • Working Time : 4 hrs for High, 8 hrs for Low 
  • Charging Time : 8 hrs under sufficient sunlight

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