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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat

Technical Content: Zineb 75% WP


  • A broad-spectrum fungicide very effective against diseases caused by Alternaria, Pestalotiopsis, Colletotrichum, Phytophthora etc., infecting many crops.
  • It is used on variety of fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses. It is known for providing highest Zinc nutrition to the crop.

Mode Of Action:

It is a broad-spectrum fungicide with protective action. The product is fungitoxic when exposed to air. It is converted to an isothiocyanate, which inactivates the sulphahydral (SH) groups in enzymes of fungi. Some times the metals are exchanged between Zineb and enzymes of fungi, thus causing disturbance in fungal enzyme functioning.

Special Features:


  • It is an unique fungicide, besides controlling many diseases, provides Zinc nutrition also
  • Broad-spectrum fungicide, which controls large no. of diseases with its multisite action
  • Best molecule for Alternaria diseases in many crops
  • Indofil Z-78 sprays results in dark green coloured healthy leaves & ultimately increase in yield
  • Indofil Z-78 is safe to foliage, blossoms and fruits of many plants. Green triangle fungicide, indicates its safety to warm blooded animals

    Crops: All Crops

    Diseases Controlled:  Septoria Leaf spot, Botrytis fruit rot, Fruit rot, Early blight, Sigatoka, Anthracnose, Alternaria, Dieback, Leaf spots. 

    Dosage: 2-2.5 gm/ltr

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