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SVTD8306 TOMATO ( एसवीटीडी 8306 टमाटर )


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Bighaat Bighaat


SVTD8306 is a Determinate type variety other salient features are given below

Salient Features:


Excellent plant vigor Robust & strong plant growth Escape environment stress and disease incidence
Uniform & attractive deep red fruits Preferred by retailers Fetches premium price and ensure higher returns
Good fruit firmness Suitable for long distance transportation Higher produce price in the
Resistance to Tolcv & Early Blight Lesser number of pesticides sprays More C:B to the growers


Planting recommendation:

Seed rate (depending on spacing) : 3.5 ft x 1 ft (60 -70 gm/Acre)
4.0 ft x 1.5 ft ( 50 gm/Acre)
Transplanting: Tomato seedlings are transplanted when they become 25-30 days old & are 8-10 cm in height or each seedling possesses 5-6 leaves.

Fertilizer Recommendation:

Commercial Mix Dosage recommendation:

>First dose 6-8 days after transplanting: 50:100:100 NPK Kg/acre

>Second dose 20 – 25 days after first application: 25: 50: 50 NPK kg / acre

>Third dose 20 – 25 days after second application: 25: 0: 0 NPK Kg/acre

>At the time of Flowering: Sulphur (Bensulf) 10 Kg/acre

>At the time of Fruit Setting: Boracol ( BSF-12) 50 Kg./acre

>Spray Calcium nitrate (1%solution) at the time of flowering (To increase fruit set).

>Spray Urea & Soluble K (1% solution each) at 15 days interval during harvesting time (To increase no. of pickings).

Recommended States

recommended States

Toll Free Number

For queries on product/Hybrid information, please call Seminis Farm Care Centre on 1800-3000-0303 (toll free, supports all major Indian Regional languages)


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review