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Bighaat Bighaat


Zymo Gromor T is a biological plant growth promoter, soil conditioner and microbial stimulator with multiple benefits for growth of tea plants. It is specially designed for “SLOW RELEASE & PROLONGED ACTION” which enhances soil fertility. It expedites the natural processes & restores soil fertility /soil microflora, resulting in mobilizing the macro & micronutrients of soil & plant uptake. This Bio- innovation allows scalable organic farming, while keeping Cost & Yield at par with conventional chemical fertilizer farming. In short, its Economical, Efficient & Eco sustainable bio-innovation.


  • Appearance :   Gray to Blackish Gray Powder
  • Moisture :        0% to 11.0%



Zymo Gromor T is a blend of naturally occurring helpful microorganisms, biocatalysts, bacterial growth stimulating agents and organic matter with carbon and nitrogen

Performance Benefits:  

  • Zymo Gromor T helps in improving the soil micro-flora population, in-turn accelerating the organic Matter decomposition thus enhancing the HUMUS / CARBON content in the applied soil
  • Zymo Gromor T increases buffering properties of the Helps in neutralizing both acidic and alkaline soil.
  • Zymo Gromor T assists in transferring vital micronutrients from soil to
  • Zymo Gromor T improves nutrient holding / binding capacity.
  • Zymo Gromor T facilitates in improving the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) 
  • Zymo Gromor T as a Soil conditioner breaks up clay and compacted
  • Zymo Gromor T Improves soil porosity, thereby enhancing aeration and water retention capacity.
  • Zymo Gromor T enhances root mass and biomass.
  • Zymo Gromor T restores and ensures continuity of Bio geo chemical cycles.


Registration Details:

  • Zymo Gromor T is certified ‘ORGANIC INPUT’ by INDOCERT (Ref. No. TN/I/1020), for use in ORGANIC AGRICULTURE as per “National Standards for Organic Production and INDOCERT directives on the implementation of National Standards for Organic Production”.
  • Zymo Gromor T  is not claimed to be a Pesticide or Therefore, ZYMO GROMOR T does not fall under the purview of Fertilizer Control Order or Insecticide Act.

Recommended Dosage: 

Zymo Gromor T: 3.75-4.0 kg / ha twice a year preferably during Mar-Apr and Sep-Oct.

Mixing with 150 - 250 Kg FYM / Vermicompost / Tea Waste Broadcast at the root zone and is also suitable for Drip Irrigation


NOTE: Along with Zymo Grromor T , we recommend monthly spray of Merlyn nutrex, a Natural Ionic Mineral mix rich in Magnesium and 70 other minerals and trace elements for improving overall physiological response of plant system.

To prevent possible Pest / fungal / bacterial diseases, UAL recommends use of XYMO BUGTROL, XYMO BLT 100 & XYMO ULTRA SPECTRUM from the range of approved organic input solutions for Organic Agriculture.


Zymo Gromor T is very stable powder, retaining over 90% activity for 6-9 months in normal storage conditions, that is under room temperature.

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