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Bighaat Bighaat


ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR: Organic certified input & Unique Biological Plant Growth Promoter, Soil Conditioner and Microbial Stimulator with multiple benefits for farmers. Product is suitable for Paddy, Wheat & allows scalable organic farming. This eco-sustainable bio-innovation addresses carbon & nitrogen pollution caused by stubble burning & chemical fertilizers respectively.




Moisture (Percent by weight)



Gray –Dark black powder


Absence of foul odour

Particle Size

More than 90% material pass through 4.0 mm IS sieve

Bio- Protein

Not Less Than 28.00%

Non-GMO Bacillus

Not Less Than 100 million Cfu/g

Total Organic Carbon, percent by weight

Not less than 25

C:N Ratio

Not less than 28


6.5 to 7.5



ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR is a blend of naturally occurring helpful microorganisms, biocatalysts, bacterial growth stimulating agents and organic matter with carbon and nitrogen

ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Increases soil micro-flora population

ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Accelerates Organic Matter decomposition ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Increases CARBON content in the soil

ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Assist in transferring vital micronutrients from soil to plant. ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Increases nutrient holding / binding capacity of the soil.

ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the soil.


ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Improves soil porosity enhances aeration and water retention capacity of the soil. ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Increases root respiration and formation.

ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Increases buffering properties of the soil. Helps in neutralizing both acidic and alkaline soil.

ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Act as Bio-catalyzer and Bio-stimulator. Enhances physiological processes such as Respiration, Cell division, Photosynthesis, Cell elongation and Energy transfer.

ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR Mobilizes the phosphate anion and hence increases availability to the plant




ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR dosages will vary as per the local soil conditions and the specific plant.


PADDY / WHEAT 1st Cycle: 2.5 kg to 3kg ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR mix with 100-200kg rice husk/carbonized rice hull + 50-100kg FYM apply as basal dosing


STUBBLE COMPOSTING: Post harvest, rice straw/stubble, shred it, plough it back to soil and apply ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR -1kg per acre, IRRIGATE IT & LEAVE IT FOR 20DAYS.


Followed by 2 - 2.25kg ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR mix with 100kg Rice Husk, 50-100kg FYM, apply after transplantation of paddy or if its drum seeding, apply along with grains

Pest control: Use XYMO BUGTROL 1-2ml/L of water spray


ZYMO GRAINRICH RSWR is very stable powder, retaining over 90% activity for 18-24 months in normal storage conditions, that is under room temperature


25kg net wt (1 kg x 25no’s in silver foil packing) in HDPE drum


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