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Bighaat Bighaat


Zymo Canemax is truly amazing biological plant growth promoter, soil conditioner and microbial stimulator with multiple benefits for farmers. It is specially designed for “SLOW RELEASE & PROLONGED ACTION” which enhances soil fertility.


  • Appearance :               Dark Brown to Black Fine Powder
  • pH :                              0 to 8.0
  • Composition :              Active Organic matter 79.0% dry basis
  • Minerals :                     0% to 20.0%
  • Moisture :                     0% to 11.0%


Performance Benefits:  

  • Zymo Canemax is a blend of naturally occurring helpful microorganisms, biocatalysts, bacterial growth stimulating agents and organic matter with carbon and nitrogen
  • Zymo Canemax Increases soil micro-flora population
  • Zymo Canemax Accelerates Organic Matter decomposition
  • Zymo Canemax Increasing HUMUS / CARBON content in the soil
  • Zymo Canemax Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable soil microbes, algae and yeast.
  • Zymo Canemax Assist in transferring vital micronutrients from soil to
  • Zymo Canemax Increases nutrient holding / binding capacity of the
  • Zymo Canemax Increases Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the
  • Zymo Canemax is an extra strength Soil conditioner; it breaks up clay and compacted
  • Zymo Canemax Improves soil porosity enhances aeration and water retention capacity of the
  • Zymo Canemax Increases root respiration and
  • Zymo Canemax Increases root mass, fruit yield and biomass in the
  • Zymo Canemax Restores and ensures continuity of Bio-cycles.
  • Zymo Canemax Increases buffering properties of the Helps in neutralizing both acidic and alkaline soil.
  • Zymo Canemax Retain water soluble nutrients in the root zone and releases them to plant when
  • Zymo Canemax Act as Bio-catalyzer and Bio-stimulator. Enhances physiological processes such as Respiration, Cell division, Photosynthesis, Cell elongation and Energy
  • Zymo Canemax Mobilizes the phosphate anion and hence increases availability to the plant

Recommended Dosage:  

Zymo Canemax dosages will vary as per the local soil conditions and the specific plant.

Zymo Canemax is suitable & successfully used for Sugarcane farming

Sugar Cane:

First application: 4kg/acre Zymo Canemax, mix with 200-500kg FYM or 100-200kg Compost, apply during transplantation of ratoon

Second application: After 4 months of first application, apply 2 - 4kg / acre mixed with 200kg FYM or 100kg Compost, side dressing or spot application near the roots

PEST CONTROL:  1 - 2ml /L water spray as preventive care, or 2-4ml/L of water spray for heavy infestation



It is very stable powder, retaining over 90% activity for 24 months in normal storage conditions, that is under room temperature


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