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Elixir Crop

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Bighaat Bighaat

VIRAT is an Organic Larvicide for ready use. It is 100% eco-friendly and natural. It is only available in liquid form. 


ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Organic Ingredients


Virat has many complex active ingredients. Rather than being simple poisons, those ingredients are similar to the hormones that insects produce. Insects take up the Virat just like natural hormones. Virat enters the system and blocks the real hormones from working properly. Insects “forget” to eat, to mate, or they stop laying eggs. Some forget that they can fly. If eggs are produced they don’t hatch, or the larvae don’t molt. Thus the insect /larvae die and the cycle is broken.
Some Larvae Just Die on Spot can be used as all types of Pest Larvicide.



VIRAT Organic Larvicide mainly affects Larvae at its Initial Stage. VIRAT Organic Larvicide is effective in controlling Larvae in Different Stages. It contains botanical extracts that are having host plant resistance activities. High efficacy, higher growth, and yield are its distinctive features.


  • Ensures Safe & Healthy word for Future generation.
  • Safe to the Beneficial Insects and Aqua etc.
  • Safe to the humans and Environment.
  • Insects don’t become Resistant to Virat Organic Larvicide
  • Best to apply at all stages of the plant from Nursery to Harvesting.
  • Certified by Apof.

Virat Organic Larvicide can be used as a Foliar Spray and it can be used in Spray


Dose: If you are using it in Spray Use 1Ml to 2 Ml per Litre of Clean Water

Vegetables: All Types of Vegetables.

Fruit Plants: All Types of Fruit Plants.


Soyabean, Paddy, Tur, Gram, Cotton.

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