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Product Description

  • Infused with modern technology, the Virat Series Chainsaw is ideal for chopping firewood, forest harvesting, and other work.This high-level performance tool has been developed keeping in mind the professionals working in demanding conditions. This low-weight with a high-power has great durability, and productivity to suit any kind of wide variety of large projects.With its coolant system, it allows you to work at an impressive 13 per cent reduced temperature compared to other models in this class. The full Chisel chain with a bumper link and anti-corrosion coating ensures a long-life cycle.
  • Our safe-to-use equipment comes with strong, sharp and durable blades, which makes cutting wood easier and more efficient. The offered equipment works for a longer duration in a smooth manner.

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Features & Benefits

  • High-Performance Engine:
  • 2 Stroke Engine with Anti-Vibration System
  • The VIRAT SERIES Chainsaw boasts a high-performance 2-stroke engine with an anti-vibration system for smooth and controlled cutting. Say goodbye to unwanted vibrations and hello to precision.
  • Efficient Cooling Systems:
  • Heat Reduction for Extended Working Hours
  • Advanced cooling systems are in place to combat excessive heating. This keeps your chainsaw running at optimal temperature, allowing you to work for extended periods without interruption.
  • Unique Cylinder Design:
  • Enhanced Cooling for Increased Power and Longevity
  • The uniquely designed cylinder keeps the chainsaw cool, resulting in more power and an extended working life. You can rely on this tool for long-term performance.
  • Safety First:
  • Anti-Kickback Brake System
  • Safety is paramount. The VIRAT SERIES features an anti-kickback brake system to ensure your work is not only efficient but also safe.
  • Automatic Oil Pump:
  • Effortless Chain Lubrication
  • The automatic oil pump ensures that your chainsaw's chain stays well-lubricated, reducing wear and tear and increasing its working life.
  • Convenient Chain Tensioning & Adjustment:
  • Easy Maintenance for Optimal Performance
  • You can effortlessly adjust and maintain the chain tension, ensuring that your chainsaw consistently delivers top-tier performance.
  • Enhanced Cooling:
  • Large Heat Sink for Improved Temperature Control
  • The large heat sink design significantly reduces the working temperature of the power unit, enhancing reliability even in high-temperature conditions and extending the life of the cylinder.
  • Efficient Air Flow:
  • Two-Stage Air Guide Bar for Effective CoolingThe two-stage air guide bar cools the front and back parts of the cylinder efficiently, further enhancing the chainsaw's cooling capabilities.
  • Accelerated Cooling:
  • Added Outlet for Optimal Airflow
  • An added outlet accelerates the flow of cooling air around the cylinder, maximizing the chainsaw's cooling performance.
  • The SVVAS VIRAT SERIES PROFESSIONAL HEAVY DUTY Chainsaw is designed to meet the demands of professionals who require unmatched performance, durability, and safety. Say farewell to inefficient tools and welcome an era of precision and control. Invest in the VIRAT SERIES and experience the difference. Make every cut count with a tool that matches your commitment to excellence. If you have any specific requirements or need further refinements, please feel free to share. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Machine Specifications

  • Bore (MM) – 45.2
  • Stroke (MM) – 34
  • Carburettor – Diaphragm Type
  • Ignition System – CDI
  • Max Speed (RPM) – 12,500
  • Idle Speed (RPM) – 3,300 +_ 400
  • Fuel Capacity (ML) – 520
  • Oil Capacity (ML) – 260
  • Oil & Fuel Ratio – 1:40
  • Bar Lengths – 20″(50CM)

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