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  • V-Hume Growth Promoter is an organic solution designed to enhance plant growth and soil condition.
  • It is a natural source of essential nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements.
  • V-Hume Growth Promoter acts as a soil conditioner and a biocatalyst for plants, promoting the production of plant growth hormones for improved plant development.

V-Hume Growth Promoter Composition & Technical Details




Potassium Humate & Fulvic Acid

45% W/W

Emulsifiers, Preservatives & Functional Media

55% W/W


Key Features & Benefits

  • It promotes sustainable growth of plants leading to optimal yield.
  • It builds a sustainable soil ecosystem with high cation-exchange capacities.
  • It facilitates the conversion of nutrient elements like nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), and other trace elements into forms available to plants.
  • pH Regulation: Helps in regulating the pH value of soils by neutralising both acid and alkaline soils.
  • It contributes to building organic matter in the soil.
  • It increases the water holding capacity of soil, which can help plants resist drought conditions.
  • It reduces the need for chemical fertilisers by improving the availability of nutrients.
  • It lowers the availability of toxic substances in soils.
  • It enhances root respiration and formation, leading to better plant growth.

V-Hume Growth Promoter Usage & Crops

  • Recommended Crops: Paddy, Wheat, Vegetables & Horticultural crops.
  • Dosage: 5 ml / L of water
  • Method of Application: Foliar Spray/ Soil application / Drenching

Additional Information

  • It is particularly noted for its high cation-exchange capacity, which optimises nutrient supply and increases the water holding capacity of the soil, leading to sustainable growth and potentially higher yields.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Always follow the recommended application guidelines outlined on the product label and accompanying leaflet.

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