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Key Points for Nutrifeed Forage

  1. High Biomass Yield(50 % more than SSG products), Suitable for Multi-cutting.
  2. Drought tolerant once established.
  3. No risk of prussic acid poisoning and is suitable for early feeding.
  4. High Protein and Nutrient Value(12-16% crude protein).
  5. High palatability.
  6. IVMD 61.3%
  7. High metabolizable energy.
  8. Nutrifeed is tolerant to most pests and diseases and requires almost negligible investment for their control.
  9. Nutrifeed gives disease and pest free green forage for better health of animals.
  10. High digestibility renders less feed quantity per animal and less forage is for cultivation.
  11. High nutritional fodder helps in the better health of the animal.

Seed rate: 3 kg per care


Agronomy & Management


Fodder crops can be grown well on a wide range of soil types Soil pH should be 5.5 to 7.0, and Avoid acidic and saline soils. Drained soils yield well.

Water & Irrigation:

Nutrifeed is tolerant to drought but should irrigate before 7 days intervals in summer and 12 days intervals in the rainy season. For better palatability crop should be with high moisture. Sufficient irrigation will boost the healthy and expected bio-mass yield in forage crops.


Although Nutrifeed is comparatively easy to establish, prepare a good seedbed for good germination and root development. Where irrigation is available, the better establishment will be obtained by pre-watering and sowing into moisture, rather than watering after sowing. Sowing depth 3cm to 5 cm with soil covering for compaction Row to Row Spacing is 30 cm and Plant to Plant is 25 cm

Sowing Type:

Ridges & Furrows:

For staggered sowing, harvesting, irrigation and fertigation ridges and furrows method is very successful to get high yield and high-quality fodder.

Blocks Method:

The blocks method is another successful method in forage cultivation. Farmer can harvest the fodder as per in requirement and irrigate the same block.

Sowing Time:

Spring - Feb to April

Kharif - May to August

Rabi (Central India and South India only) - September to October

Seed Rate:

2 to 3 Kg per Acre


Nutrifeed spacing is row to row 30 cm X plant to plant 25 cm

Cutting & Harvesting:

Nutrifeed can cut and feed at any time but 1 meter to 1.2 meters is idle height to get more benefits from green fodder in terms of nutritive values. Nutrifeed should be cut 6 to 8 inches above ground level when harvesting to promote faster re-growth for multi-cut.

Post Cutting Activities:

Apply adequate nitrogen and water for the regeneration of fresh leaves and Stems.

More Info


Fertilizer should use according to the soil test results.

N-30 Kg (60 Kg Urea),

P-25 Kg (45 Kg DAP or 120 kg SSP),

K-10 Kg (20 Kg Potash) per Acre is recommended for Nutrifeed.

Adequate nitrogen will ensure the crop's fast growth and quick recovery after cutting. Apply Nitrogen as a top dressing to get optimum benefit.

Weed Control

Weeds in Nutrifeed can be easily controlled by spraying 1 Kg Atrazine 50% WP per 1 acre.

Insect & Disease Management

From past experience, No pests and diseases have been observed. Please follow the guidelines of the company executive for control measures.

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