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JUMBO GOLD FORAGE (जंबो गोल्ड फ़ोरेज )

JUMBO GOLD FORAGE (जंबो गोल्ड फ़ोरेज )

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Key Points for Jumbo Gold Forage

  1. Multicut, High biomass and better standibility
  2. Good rejuvenation with strong stem
  3. Suitable for dry and irrigated conditions.
  4. Tolerant to water stress as well as water logging conditions
  5. Tolerant to major pests(Stem borer and shoot fly) under natural field conditions
  6. High Digestibility with high protein and high metabolic energy.

Seed Rate : 10 kg per acre

Agronomy & Management


Fodder crops can be grown well on a wide range of soil types Soil pH should be 5.5 to 7.0, well drained soils are most suitable. Avoid acidic and saline soils.

Water & Irrigation:

Jumbo Gold should irrigate before 7 days intervals in summer and 12 days interval in rainy season. For better palatability crop should be with high moisture. Sufficient irrigation will boost the healthy and expected bio-mass yield in forage crops.


Although Jumbo Gold is easy to establish, prepare good seedbed for good germination and root development.

Sowing Type:

Ridges & Furrows:

For staggered sowing, harvesting, irrigation and fertigation ridges and furrows method is very successful to get high yield and high quality fodder.

Blocks Method:

Blocks method is another successful method in forage cultivation. Farmer can harvest the fodder as per in requirement and irrigate the same block.

Sowing Time:

Spring - Feb to April

Kharif - May to August

Rabi (Central India and South India only) - September to November

Seed Rate:

Jumbo Gold - 10 Kg per Acre


Jumbo Gold spacing is row to row 25 cm X plant to plant 10 cm

Post Cutting Activities:

Apply adequate nitrogen and water for regeneration of fresh leaves and Stems.

Cutting & Harvesting:

Jumbo Gold can cut at feed at any time but 1 meter to 1.5 meter is idle height to get more benefits from green fodder Jumbo Gold should cut above 6 to 8 inches height from the ground level while harvesting/ cutting which is necessary to get immediate re-growth for multi-cut.

More Info


Fertilizer should use according to the soil test results.

N-30 Kg (60 Kg Urea),

P-15 Kg (30 Kg DAP or 100 kg SSP),

K-10 Kg (20 Kg Potash) per Acre.

Adequate nitrogen will ensure the crop fast growth and quick recovery after cutting. Apply Nitrogen as top dressing to get optimum benefit.

Insect & Disease Management:

Jumbo Gold can be infected by Stem borer and Shoot borer. Apply 8 Kg of UMET per acre before sowing to control shoot and stem borer.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews Write a review