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Terra Agro

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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat

Form : Liquid

Category : Organic Pesticide (For Chewing Pest)

Pack size : 250, 500 ml

Foliar Spray – Use minimum 50ml in 15 liter of water (1 pump). 

If required, use next spray after 4 to 5 days.

For best results, use Terra Pillar as a preventive measure, before the incidence of attack.

Can be mixed with all organic pest control products.


Scientific/Chemical Name of Ingredients

Common Indian Name

Annona squamosa

Custard apple

Citrus limon

Lemon peels

Neem oil

Neem oil

Piper nigrum

Kali mirch

  • It is a unique herbal formulation especially made for control of chewing pest attack on plants.
  • Effectively controls Stemborer, Moths, Worms, Loopers, Caterpillars and Armyworm. 
  • Do not disturbs the fertility of soil
  • Positive effect on plant growth and root development
  • New generation organic formulation 
  • Very low dosages
  • No Negative effects on beneficial organism, humans and farm animal
  • Zero Residue post application
  • Non-toxic
  • 100 % Organic
  • Ideal for organic farming practices
  • Suitable for all crops like Paddy, Cotton, Chilly, Groundnut, Potato, Cumin, vegetables, flowers , cereal, pulses, oilseeds crops etc.
  • Contains a specific feed, when come in contact with larvaes and worms makes anesthetic effect, so worms cannot feed anything which leads to death.


  • Control of pests: They help in reduction of pests feeding upon economically valuable crops.
  • Prevention of diseases: They prevent diseases in plants by killing pests.
  • Increasing yields: They are useful in increasing the productivity of crops.
  • Cost effective: Pesticides are cost effective, they are cheap and easily available.
  • Effective and rapid: The pesticides are toxic for living pests and the action of these pesticides is rapid and effective to maintain the population of pests. 

    • Insects with chewing mouthparts bore or tunnel into plant tissue. 
    • Stem-boring insects can kill or deform individual stems or whole plants. 
    • Leaf mining insects feed between the upper and lower surfaces of leaves, creating distinctive tunnel patterns visible as translucent lines or blotches on leaves.
    • Cause feeding damage


    Pest Name

    Affected Crops




    Cotton, Brinjal, Potato, Squash


    Small grains, corn, soybeans, cotton, rice, clover, grasses, tobacco, lettuce, carrots, beans, sweet corn, onions, squash, peas, tomatoes leaves etc.


    Paddy, Brinjal, Sorghum, Tomato


    Rice, Cabbage, Okra, Tobacco and other 

    • Holes or notches in foliage and other plant parts, leaf skeletonizing (removal of tissue between the leaf veins), leaf defoliation, cutting plants off at the soil surface, or consumption of roots.
    • Ragged leaves, foliage consumption, and mining in leaves, stems and trunks of plants

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