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T. Stanes

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Bighaat Bighaat

Stanes WIN trap offers a pheromone based solution to control the damages of  Rhinoceros Beetle in palm trees.

Unique features:

– Affordable and easy to install.

– Non-toxic, safe to environment and beneficial insects.

– Can withstand different agro-climatic conditions.

– Suitable with Integrated Pest Management.

Mode of action:

The lure emits a specific odour that attracts the Rhinoceros Beetles towards the trap. The entrapped beetles, drown to death in the water placed in the trap.

Lure Specifications:

– Store in a cool dark place / preferably under refrigerated condition

– Active compounds of the lure are species specific and eco-friendly with no pesticides.

Recommended Crops:

Coconut Palm, Date Palm, Oil palm, Arecanut Palm.

Recommended Traps: 2 Traps / Acre, 5 Traps / ha

Placement of Traps: 

– Place the trap under the shade of palm / tree canopy at the height of 3 to 4 feet from the ground level.

– Care to be taken to ensure that the trap rest on the trunk/ stem properly and does not rotate or move freely with the wind.

– Add soap water to the bottom portion of the trap, the weevils gets attracted by lure will enter into the trap through the holes, fall into water and drown.

– Use 2 traps / acre to reduce Rhinocerous beetle population below the Economic Threshold Level (ETL).

– The traps must be checked at least once in a week for removing the dead beetles and to replace water to compensate for loss due to evaporation.

– The traps can be recharged with WIN lure at every 90 days interval.

Shelf Life:

– Unopened lure sachet can found effective for 12 months.

– Exposed lure can be effective for 60-90 days.

Handling Instructions :

Step 1:  Cut open the Stanes WIN lure packet.

Step 2:  Fill the lure in the given vial holder.

Step 3:  Fix lure holder to the head portion of the trap.

Step 4:  Fix blades to the top portion of the trap using the given screws on all sides.

Step 5:  Fill water one third to the bottom of the trap and fix it to the trap.

Step 6:  Hang the trap using thread at the desired location.

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