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TO-1057 TOMATO -



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Bighaat Bighaat

PLANT :Determinate, vigorous with medium foliage cover. 

FRUITS:Firm fruits with good keeping quality. Square, medium size (70-80 g) Harvesting starts 55-60 days after transplanting. Ripe fruits are uniform red and glossy. Good heat set & high yield potential. Also suitable for Bacterial Wilt prone areas.

Shape Square fruits with weight 80-100 grams


  • Uniform ripening & very firm fruits
  • Excellent fruits setting in summer

Recommended states

Recommended states for cultivation under normal agro climatic conditions in:

Kharif GJ, RJ, MP, CT, WB, AS, PB
Rabi KA, TN, HR, AP, UP, UT
Summer KA, TN, HR, AP, UP, UT, UP

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

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