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Excel Crop Care

  • ₹ 190

Silicon-based Wetting & Dispersing Agent
  • SURE SHOT is unique non-ionic adjuvant which helps in super spreading, sticking and penetration of active ingredient for enhancing the performance. Recommended for spraying with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar nutrients, and plant growth regulators.
01. Mechanism
  • Increases spray coverage due to super spreading
  • Uniform spreading due to super spreading activity
  • Stomatal flooding due to ultralow surface tension
  • Enhanced cuticular penetration due to ultralow surface tension.
02. Features
  • Sure shot helps in delivering best results,
    • - Under cold, Hot and Dry condition
    • - When plant species are mature or hardened
    • - When crop leaves are covered with dust
    • - When foliage is very small and less in number
  • Better rain fastness
  • Reduces run-off of spray solution
03. Recommendation
  • 0.3 ml per liter of water or 50 ml in 150 liters of water



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