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Formulation : Powder


Grow care is Mycorrhizal product with highly concentrated spores for nutrient mobilization.


Wide range of crops.


Powder – 100 gms / acre | 250 gms / ha


2 years


GrowCare is mixed with 250 kg of organic fertilizer or field soil and applied by broadcasting method as soil application during last Ploughing or at the time of planting followed by irrigation. The second application to be done at the time of mid-crop stage.


GrowCare symbiotically associates with the plant roots. The VAM spores and mycelial fragments contained in GrowCare by colonizing the plant roots, perform the functions of root and thereby helps in the greater absorption and utilization of phosphorous, water and other important macro and essential microelements in plants.

  • Grow care is water soluble, more user friendly and easy to apply.
  • It can assist for producing more vigorous and healthy plants. • Low dosage and high profit.
  • It can increase plant establishment and survival at seedling or transplanting. • It is an organic certified product.
  • It is an eco-friendly product and safe to beneficial micro flora.


Packing available : 500 gm & 1.0 kg

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