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SOLARO HERBICIDE ( सोलरो शाकनाशी ) - BigHaat.com

SOLARO HERBICIDE ( सोलरो शाकनाशी )

PI Industries

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  • ₹ 395

Bighaat Bighaat

SOLARO is a herbicide which contains active ingredient Atrazine

Trade Name: SOLARO

Common Name: Atrazine

Formulation: 50% WP


  • SOLARO is effective in controlling a broad range of weeds
  • SOLARO is safe to the crop
  • SOLARO fits a variety of farming systems

Mode of Action

Inhibition of photosynthesis in target weed.

Recommended Dosages:

Maize Trianthama monogyna, Digera arvensis, Echinochloa spp., Eleusine spp., Xantheium strumarium, Brachiara sp, Digitaria sp, Amranthus viridis, Cleome viscose, Polygonum spp. 1-2 kg
Sugarcane Portuloaca oleracea, Digitaria sp, Boerhaavia diffusa, Euphorbia sp., Tribulus terristris 1-2 kg


No specific antidote. Treat symptomatically.


  • Keep away from foodstuffs, empty foodstuff containers and animal food.
  • Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin.
  • Avoid inhaling the spray mist. Spray in the direction of wind
  • Wash thoroughly the contaminated clothes and parts of the body after spraying.
  • Do not smoke, drink, eat and chew anything while spraying.
  • Wear full protective clothing while mixing & spraying.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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