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Triveni Solar

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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat

Save Crops from Wild Animals!

In India, 45% crops are damaged by wild animals resulting in Yield loss

TRIVENI Solar has come up with an innovative solution with the use of TRIVENI Flair Light.

  • Can be installed instead of electric fencing hence no
  • No risk to human life and no injury to animals.
  • No more burning of animal dung to create smoke as the lights are 100% environment friendly and work on solar energy.
  • Easy set up on any surface. Can also be changed from branches.
  • Installing these lights at regular intervals will help farmers carry out night patrols without the use of battery operated light.

Special design for 360 degree Indication Visibility:

  1. 800 mtrs. on land,
  2. 1 nautical miles in sea (depending on atmosphere) Working hours: 72 hours

Standard: IP65 Installation Method:

  • It can be fitted with Screws.
  • Pipe, Bamboo can be inserted at the bottom.
  • Flair light has internal magnets. (For Temporary Fitting)

Body Material: SMMA, ABS Diameter: 149 mm

Height: 66 mm

Weight: 300 gm

Solar Panel: 2.5 v, 205 ma

Watt: Battery: 1.2 v of 2200 mAh LED: 12 Pcs. in 360 degree Flicking Ratio: 60 to 90 per minute.

Targeted wild animal

Suggested height


Wild Boar

One feet from GL

On every 20 meters on regular routes

Wild Elephant

8 feet from GL

On every 10 meters on regular routes

Wild Bison/Niel Gai

7 feet from GL

On every 10 meters on regular routes

Bat/Other Birds

Tie on top of fruit trees

On each tree or in between the trees


3-4.5 feet from GL

On every 20 meters on regular routes

Palm Civit/ Toddy cat

Below targeted tree

On each tree



  • Divisional Forest officer, Kasaragod, Kerala is using to save crops from elephants, wild boars and wild gour.
  • ICRISAT, Patancheru and Hyderabad is using to save their hundreds of acres of farm.
  • Directorate of Agriculture Development and Farmers welfare, Trivandrum, has issued a circular to implement the lights. Also, Krishi Bhavan in the districts of Kerala and Karnataka have started using them.

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