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Ever Softtech

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Bighaat Bighaat

Solar Insect Trap Help to catch All Nymph and Adult Insect After Sunset Trap will automatically ON. Solar insect trap is a solar powered product use for insects which damage the crops. Blue UV LED use to attracted Insects flies around it ,hit the flaps and fall in tray filled with water it work for 4 hours after sunset. Solar Insect Trap is physical insect control/management device, makes use of UV LED lamp to attract, the wide range insects usually found in commercial farms/woods across the world, once they come near lamp they themselves drop and fall in water filled bowel kept under LED lamp. This device lures/attracts insects using UV light, majority of insects those are harmful to crops gets attracted towards light but up to certain extent beneficial insects also gets attracted towards the light as well. This device is recommended to use for commercially less important crops.

Product Benefits

Environment friendly: Its physical/mechanical insect control device Energy Conservation: Operates on inexhaustible green/clean solar energy. Saves Expense on Manpower: Semi-automatic system doesn't require human interaction on daily basis to operate this machine.

This leads to huge saving on manpower required to spraying/ fumigation of insecticides/pesticides required in conventional pest management techniques. Increased harvest and production: Loss of harvest/crop to due to infestation of insects/pests is controlled effectively.

Reduce Expense on Chemical Pesticides Protection of Ecological Environment:

Reduce need of chemical pesticides Easy to installation/relocation, no need of wiring, excavation and construction Investment recovery Period: Generally investment recovery period is crop period, when we calculate expenses on chemical pesticides management in similar kind of crop without use of such traps.


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