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Dubey Krishi Suraksha Kendra

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Bighaat Bighaat

 Weeds & herbs compete with crop for not only nutrition but even the most essential thing: Sunlight.

 Echinicloa spp, Cyparus rotundus and Ludwigia parviflora are major Rice weeds. One of the most efficient way of inhibiting their growth is to use pre-emergence herbicides.

 Roka is a broad spectrum pre-emergence and early post-emergence herbicide for Rice that helps control weeds. It address the problem of broad leaved weeds and sedges. It’s low dosage makes it economical and being safe for useful micro-organisms makes it environmentally friendly. Its non-oil based formula keeps the soil soft and moist.

 Mode of Action

Broad Spectrum, Systemic herbicide with low dosage. It inhibits formulation of Acetolactate Synthase (ALS) in weeds which is essential for synthesis of amino acids. Therefore, stops cell division of roots ultimately killing the weed.


Apply ROKA as pre-emergent in Direct Seeded and Transplanted paddy. Flood the field at the time of or immediately after application; keep the field flooded to get best results.

 Dosage: 80gm per acre

Method of Application

- To be applied before emergence of weed.

- Mix required dosage (80gm per acre) with adequate quantity of water/sand.

- Can spray or broadcast in the nursery/field.

- Flood the field at the time of application or immediately after application.

- Keep the field flooded to get best results.


Safety recommendations

- Do not spray/broadcast after draining out the water from the field.

- Always refer to the SDS for detailed information on safety.

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