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Bighaat Bighaat

 ALBATA’s Royal Clear Mite NOCA, SATTVIK and KRUSHI Certified, Non Toxic, Eco friendly, Smell Free Agricultural and Domestic use for Control of Spider Mites, Aphids , Red Spider Mites, Two-Spotted Mites, Thrips in plants, Sustainable and Chemical free Agriculture product. 

  • OUR PRODUCT: Royal Clear Mite is 100% Plant derived solution, Non-Hazardous and bio Degradable solution, Disrupts breathing of Spider mites, Prevents Spider mites laid eggs From hatching. Applicable on the leaves as a foliar spray, kills on contact or ingestion, fast acting.
  • DOSE: Dilution Ratios & Application Frequency - Dilution Ratios & Application Frequency: 1:750 maximum, 1:500 for heavy infestation every 3-5 Days. Tank mix is 2ml per liter.
  • EFFECTIVE: Use ROYAL CLEAR MITE to control and eliminate the following pests: Spider Mites, Aphids, Mole Crickets, Red Spider Mites, Two-Spotted Mites, Thrips slugs, Mosquito Larva, Southern Red Mites, Spruce Mites, Slugs, Chiggers, European Red Mites, white flies, thunder flies, greenflies, blackflies.
  • Non-Hazardous and biodegradable solution
  • Prevents Spider mites laid eggs from hatching

ROYAL CLEAR MITE can be used on any plant that has a mite infestation. Here are some common ones that get affected. Cucurbits, Tomatoes, Grass/Lawns, Squash, Grapes. Pumpkins, trees. Roses, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Wheat, Peonies.                                                           

Mix the required amount of Royal Clear Mite in water with sufficient agitation to maintain a uniform suspension in the spray or mixing tank. Tank should be cleaned prior to use. Do not use highly alkaline or highly acidic water to mix sprays. Use a buffering agent if necessary to maintain neutrality (pH 6 to 8) of water in the tank. Maintain agitation during application. Apply immediately after mixing; do not allow spray mix to stand overnight. Always jar test before mixing products to avoid chemical incompatibility.

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