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Bighaat Bighaat



Tips for Growing Onion 

Soil : Well drained sandy loam is suitable. 

Sowing time : Aug - Nov 

Transplanting : 40 - 45 days after sowing.

Spacing : Row to Row : 10 cm, Plant to Plant : 10 cm.

Seed rate : 2.0 kg / acre


Preparation of Main field : ● Deep ploughing of main followed by a 1-2 harrowing. ● Add 7-8 tones per acre well decomposed FYM followed by harrowing to mix in the soil thoroughly. ● Apply basal dose of Fertilizer at the time of transplanting ● Irrigate the field and transplant the seedlings.

Chemical Fertilizer : Fertilizer requirement varies with soil fertility

Apply basal dose at the time of planting : 30:30:30 NPK Kg / acre
Apply top dressing 20 days after planting : 25:25:25 NPK Kg / acre
Apply top dressing 45-50 days after planting : 00:00:25 NPK Kg / acre
Apply Sulphur ( Bensulf) in soil 40-50 days after transplanting : 10-15 kg / acre

Harvesting : Stop irrigation two weeks before harvest. After harvest keep the bulb in the field for curing for 5- 6 days along with tops. Cover the bulbs to avoid sun scalding. After proper drying remove roots and neck, don't cut the neck close to bulb

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