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    1000 saplings

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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat

  • Jiffy (pellets) Sapling is easy to transport and minimum damage in Transport.
  • Minimum Mortality After Planting


Red Lady

Type of the plant


Age of the plants and size of the saplings

30 - 45 days age  -- 3-4  leaved


Based on geographical conditions

Special Features

Highly nutritious with good aroma, 


Good keeping quality suitable for long distance transportation

Fruit Colour

Greenish  yellow rind with orange to deep Red soft pulp

Average fruit weight

1- 4 kg

Fruit Shape

Oval and Cylindrical

Plant habitat

Non Branching, Erect


7 feet Row to Row and 6-7 feet Plant to plant

Approximate number of saplings per acre

900 – 1200 plants

Flower Bearing

Single and cluster

Climate and regions

Tropical and Sub Tropical climates

First Harvest

10 to 11 months

Disease tolerant

Moderately tolerant

Manufacturers/ Suppliers/ Producers

Known-You Seeds (India) Pvt. Ltd.


Papaya plants need to be fed with balanced nutrition for higher yields. Micronutrient supplements are required for papaya plants to grow sturdy and tolerate the diseases. Bio activators' applications are required for the increased flower setting and fruit setting. Irrigation at critical stages is to be regularly monitored.

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