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Bighaat Bighaat

Recommended application:

Foliar application through a knap sack sprayer or soil drenching
dosage - 2.0/2.5 gms per litre of water depending on pest density, severity of attack.

Dosage: 2 to 2.5kg/ac for paddy, vegetables, chillies and other field crops, 4 to 5 kg/ac for horticulture

Paddy: broadcast along with fertilizers or sand.

Vegetables, chillies other field crop and horticulture crops:-

Placement at a particular spot around the plant at along with fertilizers.

  1. 60*65% humic acid ideal combination of fulvic acid.
  2. Health and yielding capacity of the crop is triggered.

-rebirth (potassium humate) helps by immobilizing and isolating toxic residue from the soil due to indiscriminate use of fertilizer and agro chemicals.

- rebirth (potassium humate) helps by acting as a storage medium for enzymes hormones,vitamins and antibiotics in easily accessible from.

-rebirth (potassium humate) helps by loosening soil and profusely making available  more air and water for roots.

-rebirth (potassium humate) helps by reducing alkalinity and acidity in soil.

- rebirth (potassium humate) helps by highly stimulating benefecial microbial activity in the soil to provide rich cupply of nutrients  in the zone.

-it increases soil fertility  

-it increases tolerance to diseases and climatic stores.

-it is compatible with fertilizers & pesticide.

Non toxic, safe to use.

Legal disclaimer - for agriculture and gardening use only. The product is beyond our control hence we are not responsible for any damage. 

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