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Bighaat Bighaat

Quantis Syngenta is a naturally derived biostimulant Syngenta product incorporating a combination of organic carbons, potassium, calcium and energy source carbohydrates, in the form of sugars and amino acids, that contribute to mitigating drought and heat stresses on the plant.
  • BENEFITS: Maintain photosynthetic activity, Delay senescence, Minimize adverse effects from abiotic stresses(drought and heat), and Improve yield.
  • RECOMMENDED CROPS: The best moments to apply Quantis are before or during crucial physiological phases(e.g. flowering) and suboptimal environmental conditions (e.g. drought). Quantis is recommended for Soybean, Corn, Wheat, Banana, Coffee, eucalyptus, Sunflower & Beans.
  • Quantis Syngenta is a bio-stimulant that contains organic Carbon, Amino acids as well as potassium, and calcium. Quantis enhances plant performance and reduces yield loss caused by abiotic stress conditions.
  • Quantis Syngenta is most suitable for the application. The number of applications & timing depends on the crop, however application at the time of flowering, fruit set, and ripening is the most important. Apply with a dose rate of 1-2 litre/hectare.

How does Quantis Syngenta work?

Syngenta Quantis proactively triggers the plant’s own cellular processes, to help maintain the plant structure and to counteract oxidative stress.
Enabling the plant to continue active and efficient photosynthesis maintains the production of proteins specifically for growth and development - the key driver of yield and quality.

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