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International Panaacea

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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat

 Mode of Action:

Decomposers, primarily fungi and bacteria are consumers that use waste materials and dead organism for food. Decomposers have the ability to break down dead organism into smaller particles and new compounds resulting in fertile soil that provides foods. Like herbivorous and predators, decomposers are heterotrophic, meaning that they use organic substances to get their energy, carbon and nutrients for growth and development. These microbes break down three biomass constituents i.e. cellulose, hemicellulose and liginosin.

Benefits To The Crop:
Decomposer breaks down the remains of dead organism including animal waste into products into simpler substance to be used again by plants.
Decomposers makes the process of composting fast
Decomposer excrete the rest as nutrient into soil and gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide
Play a crucial role in ecosystem
Premium Decomposer (Liquid)
Fungi\The primary decomposer of raw organic matter which are unicellular saprotrophic fungi grow as a branching network of hyphae, fungi can use their hypahe to penetrate a larger piece of organic matter. Fungi decomposes organic matter by releasing enzymes to break down the decaying materials after which they absorbs the nutrients in the decaying material.

Bacteria are important decomposer, they break down just about any types of organic matter. One gram of soil typically contains 40 million bacterial cells, and the bacteria on earth form a biomass. Bacteria are vital in the recycling of nutrients.

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