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International Panaacea

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Bighaat Bighaat

Technical Content : Azotobacter spp.

CFU –  1 x 108 per ml, 5 x 107 per gm

 Nitrogen For All Crops


  • Premium Azoto fixes the atmospheric nitrogen and reduces the amount of chemical fertilizer (Urea).
  • It also improves soil fertility and inhibits the growth of harmful pathogens and results in lowering the incidence of pathgens.

 Mode of action:

Azotobacter spp. is the free living nitrogen fixing aerobic bacterium. Azotobacter spp. released ammonia into the soil and improve soil fertility, Production of phyto hormones like IAA, Gibberillins and Cytokinins. Production of some antifungal substances which inhibits the growth of soil harmful fungi like Alternaria, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Selerotia curvularia and Helminthosporium and resulted in lowering the disease incidence. Antagonism against phytopathogens by production of siderophore, antifungal compounds and induction of different enzymes.

Target crops:

Wheat, Paddy, Maize, Cotton, Potato, Millets, Vegetables, Grapes, Banana, Pomegranate, Oranges, Plantation crops, Fiber and Oil producing crops.

 Benefits to the crop:

  • Improve seed germination percentage
  • Increase number & length of shoot and root
  • Help to fix nitrogen from atmosphere in continuous process
  • Reduction in disease incidence
  • More yield (25% to 30% in wheat, finger millets)
  • Improve post-harvest seed quality in terms of germination
  • Reduce 20% to 25 % Nitrogenous fertilizer requirements.

 Method of application and dosage for Liquid formulation:

  • Seed Treatment– Take Premium Azoto 4 – 5 ml per kg of seed
  • Seedlings Treatment- Take Premium Azoto 4 – 5 ml per lit.of water. A solution of Premium Azoto prepared, seedlings are dipped in this solution for 30 minutes before transplanting.
  • Soil Application –Take 500ml – 0 lit. Premium Azoto for one acre and mixed with 40-50 kg of well decomposed F.Y.M/compost or vermi compost or field soil and broadcast before sowing or broadcast up to 45 days after sowing in the standing crop and irrigate the field.
  • Drip irrigation – Mix Premium Azoto 500 ml – 1.0 lit /acre in 100 lit.of water and irrigate the field through drip irrigation.


  • Incompatible to the chemical antibiotics Streptocyclin and Validamycin with coated on the seed. To get a better result of bio-products, do not mix any chemical pesticides.
Crops: Wheat, Maize, Millet, Cotton, Grapes, Banana, Pomegranate, Orange, Paddy, Vegetables & Plantation crops, Fibre and Oil Producing crops

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