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PREDATOR INSECTICIDE ( प्रीडेटर कीटनाशक ) -

PREDATOR INSECTICIDE ( प्रीडेटर कीटनाशक )

Dow AgroSciences

  • ₹ 810

Bighaat Bighaat

  • Predator® is high concentration brand of Chlorpyriphos which is safe, IPM compatible, broad-spectrum insecticide for control of pests of cotton and rice.


Features of Predator®

  • No reported incidences of resistance development against Dursban® in the target pests.
Crops treated with Predator®
  • Rice, Cotton


How does it work?

  • It utilises three way action as contact and stomach poison as well as fumigation action.
  • It inhibits the ACh esterase enzyme in the synaptic gap of the insect nervous system acting as a nerve excitatory poison, causing death of insect.

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Customer Reviews

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