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International Panaacea

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Bighaat Bighaat


Potash is an essentially important plant nutrient which is necessary to the plants during flowering and fruit formation. It improves sugar content, coloration, and keeping quality of the fruits. Plants fail to absorb potash even if large quantities are available in the soil as it is in insoluble form. Potaacea-HD Potaacea-HD contains high densities of very effective virulent strains of Potash Mobilizing Bacteria which help to convert insoluble inorganic potash into simple and soluble form. 


Name of Microorganism: Potash Mobilising Bacteria, Viable cell count: 1X1010  Cells/ ml (Minimum), Carrier base: Liquid

 Recommended for

Potaacea-HD biofertilizer is recommended for all type of crops like paddy, wheat, cereals, pulses, vegetables and horticultural crops.


Seed Treatment: 1-2 ml/ acre

Seedling treatment: 25 ml/ acre

Drip: 25 ml/ acre

Soil: 25 ml/ acre

Product High Point
  1. Application of Potaacea-HD assures an early & effective germination.
  2. It increases the nutrient uptake efficiency in plants and improves flowering and fruiting of the plant
  3. 10-20% of chemical fertilizer may be saved.
  4. 15-25% fruit yield may be increased.


  1. The treated seeds should be dried in shade at cool place and sown within 2-3 hours.
  2. The product should be kept in a cool & dry place away from direct sunlight.
  3. The whole content of the pack should be used in one time.
 Note:  We are responsible for the uniform quality of the products, performance may vary depending upon its uses and method of application.

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