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Bighaat Bighaat


A "pheromone trap" is a good and safe way to reduce the number of fruit flies. This method uses a pheromone or para pheromone to attract the male fruit flies into a trap where they are killed. Even though only the male flies are killed, this makes it more difficult for the females to find a mate to make more maggots. 

The best reason to use pheromone lures and traps is to monitor and control fruit fly pest population trends in Mango, Guava , Sapota, Citrus, Banana, Papaya which prefers young, green, and tender fruits for egg laying. The females lay the eggs 2 to 4 mm deep in the fruit pulp, and the maggots feed inside the developing fruits. The fruits attacked in early stages fail to develop properly, and drop or rot on the plant leading to crop loss. Since, the maggots damage the fruits internally; it is difficult to control this pest with insecticides. One female may lay over 1000 eggs during her life.