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PESTO RAZE (Insecticide)

Kay bee

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Country of origin: India

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Pesto Raze is Bio-pesticide prepared by using Botanical extracts, which has contact, Partially systemic & fumigant actions on vast class of soft body insects. It has proven efficacy on Aphids, Jassids, Thrips & White flies which commonly attack Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, and Cereals & Pulses. It is more effective at lower temperatures. For best results, spray early in the morning or during late evening.

Mechanism of Action: 

After spraying PESTO RAZE, the formulation penetrates the soft body surface of insects & excites the nervous system that causes rapid muscle contraction, leading to convulsion, paralysis & eventual death. PESTO RAZE is lethal for early stages of insects, demonstrating a fatal knock-down action on sucking insects. It helps to protect your precious crops & ensures their well-being. Pesto Raze is effective on all stages of insects Lifecycle such as eggs, nymph & adult. It also Damages the reproductive system of insects.

• Use safety kit at the time of spraying.
• Quantity need to be followed strictly as per the recommended rate.
• Time of spray must be carried out at early morning or evening.
• All equipment’s should be clean before the spraying. Sprayer and its parts like spray nozzle, spray tank should be tide and clean.
• Proper coverage is most important for results.
• After spray properly wash the hands using soap.


• Don't eat, drink, smoke or chew during whole operation of pesticides.
• Bio-pesticides should not be exposed to sunlight.
• Never prepare spray solution & application of pesticides without wearing protective clothing.
• Do not use overdose which may affect plant health and environment.


Active Ingredients % BY WT Melia dubia (M.C.) 2.5 % Cinnamomum cassia (M.C.) 2.5% Piper longum (M.C.) 2.5% Lantana camara (M.C.) 2.5% Murraya koenigii (M.C.) 5.0% Seed Kernel extractives of Azadirachta indica (M.C.) 5.0% Pongamia pinnata (M.C.) 5.0% OTHER INGREDIENTS % by WT- Organic emulsifier 10.0% Carrier oil QS to make Total 100.00 %


1-2 ml/ litre of water


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