Osheen Insecticide

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Product Description

  • Osheen Insecticide is new systemic insecticide a 3rd generation of Neonicotinoid group. It has been trusted as a most reliable solution to effectively manage the Brown Plant Hoppers in Rice for number of years in the leading Rice growing countries.

Technical Content

  • Dinotefuran 20% SG

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    Features & Benefits

    • Fast Action- Stops crop damage by target pest immediately with in hours. This results in crop more greening and healthy.
    • Systemic and Translaminar action-Ensures the effective protection of treated plant. Ensures the control of hidden pest..
    • Unique Mode of Action- Effectively controls the pest which are resistant to other molecules.Reduces the number of sprays thus reduces the cost. Ensures long duration control if sprayed prophylactically.
    • Rain Fastness- Osheen gets absorbed quickly in the plant system and does not get washed off even if it rains after three hours of Osheen spray.


    Mode of Action

    • Agonist of insect acetyocholine receptor (nAChR competitive modulator).

    Application Method

    • Use 150 - 200 Litre of water volume per acre for effective spray.
    • Ensure spray towards base of the hill for effective control.
    Crops Target Pests DOSE (Per Ha)
    Paddy Brown plant hopper
    150-200 g (30-40 g a.i.)
    Cotton Aphids, Jassids, Thrips, Whiteflies
    125-150 g (25-30 g a.i.)
    Okra White fly, Jassids, Aphids and Thrips 125-150 g (25-30 g a.i.)

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