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Bighaat Bighaat

Vitamin- H: Helps metabolism of amino acids and improves tonicity of udder alveoli in combination with Vitamin A.

Today, every dairy farmer in the world are trying to maximize milk production. For this, they feed excessive feeder to animals do not digest which. In the long run, it impacts the digestion system of animals and also causes many liver problems. If farmers feed vitamin H to these dairy animals, it increases the digestion of animals. Also, farmers can save the cost of feed. It is because now farmers will get more benefits from less feed as there is no wastage of feed occur due to undigested feed. So, vitamin H or Biotin is a need of the hour for dairy farmers for increasing milk production. Hence, Vitamin H or biotin is a win-win situation for farmers. Most farmers use it to increase milk production and for the growth of udder.

Vitamin A, D3 & E: improves tissue genesis, provides strength to muscular system, protects animal from stress and helps in better digestion of Calcium & phosphorous.

Other benefits of biotin:

It increases the sperm count of bull if given. Thus, it increases the fertility of breeding bulls.

Strengthens tissues and improves milk holding capacity or size of udder.

Promotes wound healing in FMD, Mastitis, Enteritis, etc.

Improves hatchability, reduces chick mortality.

It decreases the stress level of the cow. It helps at the time of AlI program because lesser the animals are in stress, more the conception rate.

It increases the flow of blood in the vessels near the skin and helps in the repairing of skin cells.

Vitamin H increases the quality of milk.

It strengthens the hoof which ultimately helps cow avoiding stringhalt.

Vitamin H help in repairing and maintenance of tissue and other vital organs.





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