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Bighaat Bighaat

Pine -O- Cal is a unique combination of minerals, vitamins and plant extract, a feed supplement for cow, buffalo, sheep, goat, poultry,duck, dog, horse, pig, fish, and rabbit. It contains iron in the form of ferric, phosphorus in the form of sodium acid phosphate and calcium in the form of calcium gluconate. These forms of minerals are directly and highly absorbed in the animals. Rapid availability is the reason for immediate action of this product.

Vitamin A increases production, ability to fight infection and Fertility. Vitamin A is important in cattle and sheep’s ability to resist Pinkeye and Scours.

Vitamin B 12 functions are to maintain a healthy nervous system and to produce red blood cells. Calcium and phosphorus are two very essential minerals for healthy bones and fighting osteoporosis. Iron deficiency anemia is due to insufficient iron. Plant extract in this calcium provide natural hormones and enzymes to maintain milk, egg and meat production. Cures rickets, osteomalacia, hypocalcaemia, helps in preventing osteoporosis, milk fever and anemia.
Pine -O- Cal contains vitamin D3 and B12. Vitamin D3 helps in better absorption and assimilation of calcium and phosphorus that is vital in forming and maintaining strong bones. It may also be involved in regulating cell growth and maintaining a healthy immune system. Poultry require vitamin D3 supplementation as they are not exposed to sun light. Deficiency of vitamin D causes rickets in young animals and osteomalacia in adult animals.
1. It is 100% dissolvable & 100% absorbable by animal and birds.
2. It helps in improving fat content , quality milk and (quantity) increase production of milk.
3. It helps to improve appetite & digestion and active too.
4. It prevent animals and birds from osteoporosis or hypocalcaemia.
5. It prevent animals from mastitis & milk fever.
6. It makes skin healthier.
7. It prevent animals or birds from anemia that is iron deficiency.
8. It improves overall health, weight, muscular as well as bone strength in animals like horses, dogs, cow,duck etc. as comparison with other product.
9. It helps in more meat production in sheeps, goats, broilers,duck, fish etc.
10. It also improves the quantity or number of the eggs (quantity )per birds
11. It also increases shell strength of egg and egg size of the bird.
12. Death rate decrease in birds.
13. milking animal will not come into heat again and again.
Adult animal - 20ml. twice a day. 
Young animal - 10 ml. twice a day.
Dogs - 5 ml. Twice a day. 
Pups - 5 ml. / day.
Poultry (100 birds) chicks - 10 ml /day. 
Growers n broilers - 20 ml /day.
Layers - 50 ml/day.
Fish small & big-10 ml/kg feed/still water.
Duck small and big -10 ml -20ml per day

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