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SWARAKSHA TOMATO ( स्वरक्षा टमाटर ) -

SWARAKSHA TOMATO ( स्वरक्षा टमाटर )


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Bighaat Bighaat




Semi-determinate. Compact growth habit, good foliage cover, early (75-80 days) hybrid. Fruits are 75-80g, round, uniform green when immature, good red color when ripe, jointed but easy to pick, with medium firmness. Highly resistant to Bacterial Wilt (Southern Indian States). Suitable for fresh market. Performs very well in the Southern States of India in Kharif and Rabi season. Yield: 85-90 tons/ha in 90-95 days.

Variety Swaraksha
Plant habit Determinate
Maturity (days) 75-80
Fruit shape Round
Fruit Weight (g) 80-90
Green no
Joint shoulder present
Firm ness medium
Yield (tons/ha) 80-90
Special Feature

Highly tolerant to Bacterial Wilt.

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Customer Reviews

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