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NS 504 (NS 104) TOMATO (एन एस 504)


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Bighaat Bighaat

Determinate Fresh Market-Dual purpose:

This hybrid has been developed to set well in summers also when temperatures are high. The plants are very vigorous, semi-determinate with very bright attractive foliage. Fruits are flat round with a glossy red colour, weighing 80-90g with good keeping quality. Acidic taste coupled with nematode tolerance and fruit set at high temperatures are significant features of this hybrid.

Hybrid type                   : Determinate Fresh Market-Dual Purpose Plant habit                     : Semi Determinate Plant Vigour                   : medium Maturity                        : Early Shoulder Color               : Uniform green Fruit weight (g)              : 85-90 Fruit shape                     : flat round Fruit Firmness                 : medium Disease tolerance             : root-knot nematode Remarks                          : excellent vigour, wide adaptability, mild acidity, performs well under high temperatures Recommended for             : India

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