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  • Multiplex Moti MG [Magnesium Edta 6 %] is a micronutrient fertiliser that contains Magnesium.
  • It is designed to correct magnesium deficiency in plants quickly and efficiently.
  • Magnesium is easily available to plants as it is fully chelated with EDT

Multiplex Moti MG [Magnesium Edta 6 %] Composition & Technical Details 

  • Composition: Magnesium chelated with EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid) - 6 %

Key Features & Benefits

  • Resist plants to diseases and enhance the activity of absorption of other nutrients from the soil, correcting magnesium deficiency quickly.
  • It increases the yield and quality of produce.

Multiplex Moti MG [Magnesium Edta 6 %] Usage & Crops

  • Recommended Crops: All crops
  • Dosage: 0.5 gm/ L of water
  • Method of Application: Foliar Spray (30 days after germination / transplantation)

Additional Information

Deficiency symptoms of Magnesium

  • The predominant symptom is interveinal chlorosis.
  • The bottom leaves are always affected first with curled tips, narrower blades and leaves.

Key role of Magnesium

  • It is a part of the chlorophyll in all green plants and essential for photosynthesis.
  • It is involved in activation of many plant enzymes needed for growth.
  • Enhances the production of oils and fats.
  • Promotes early growth, uniformity, and plant hardiness.
  • Facilitates the translocation of Phosphorus and carbohydrates (sugars & starches). Some plants are heavy users such as citrus and roses.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Always follow the recommended application guidelines outlined on the product label and accompanying leaflet.

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