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Bighaat Bighaat


New Activator Technology,Bio Fungicide, Plant pro-biotic.
Compatible with chemical fungicides in tank mix concentration.

Contents: Liquid formulation of dormant forms of multiple plant pro-biotic bacteria Bacillus subtilis KTSB 1015.

Use: Soil and foliar application [2ml/l].


Diseases Conditions or Disease Names : Powdery mildew on grapes.

Application Methods :
Milastin is applied as foliar and soil spray at the rate of 2ml/lit of water.
The product can be applied at 15 days interval.
Milastin can be applied at all stages viz- vegetative phase or flowering and fruiting [pre-harvest interval is not necessary].
Best results are obtained by using non-ionic stickers. Thorough coverage is essential for optimum result.
Spray in the evening or late afternoon to create conditions favorable for germination of spores in Milastin.

Benefits to soil / Benefits to plants :
Efficient colonization of shoot and foliar surfaces with useful bacteria.
Organic certified.
Residue free.
Compatible with chemical fungicides.
Useful for both conventional & organic farming.
Zero Pre-harvest interval (PHI).
Bio- management of fungal diseases of crops.

Dose - 2-3 ml/lit

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