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West Coast Herbochem

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Country of origin: India

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Bighaat Bighaat

Fish Oil Rosin Soap
  • Totally biodegradable, bio derived, natural product
  • Very effective against difficult to control insects such as Scale and Mealy Bugs
  • Long persistence, resist heavy rain, do not get washed 
    away easily
  • Naturally suitable with all agricultural spray solution as spreader, wetting agent, sticking agent and having synergistic effect.
  • Specially suited to increase insecticidal properties of spray against wide range of insects.
  • Meenark and Neemark are made for each other for better results against White Fly, Scale Leaf Miner and mealy Bug type of infestation.
  • Safe for hot blooded animals, no toxic effect on environment.
  • Eco-friendly product from West Coast Herbochem Ltd.
  • Effect was proved and well supported by scientific findings.
  • Ideally suited agricultural spray oil.
  • It has a capacity of repelling insects from its hide outs and help n controlling them effectively.


  • Cotton: Central Cotton Research Institute had found Fish Oil Rosin Soap effective against pest complex. 
  • Grapes: Combination of Neemark and Meenark is effective in controlling mealy Bug ideally suitable for dipping bunches or making effective band at bottom of vine or bunch to keep insects away from infestation.
  •  Chilies, Tomato, Paddy, Sugarcane, Groundnut and Horticultural crops etc.

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